Emergence Ep to finally....Well... Emerge...

So deliberations on how to play the release of this EP have been ongoing for a while. I've been back and forth with Timeslave over number of tracks and format and we're finally settled on something we're all happy with. With April 10th as a release date it's time to hustle to get everything together. Art work looks great but we're just formatting it for cassette sleeves. Mastering is being handled, as I type, by the excellent Jon Thomson AKA Ethereal Delusions AKA Delusional Mastering. There are a few other loose ends to tie up but we're on course.

Two of the six tracks are ones that didn't quite fit into the "Light Our Darkest Hour" EP, so have surfaced here instead. Orion Pax (my personal favourite) is one of the first synth wave tracks I ever wrote but had a facelift recently and now features some epic guitar work by the devilishly quick fingered Dan Hubble. The other three tracks are newly written and a bit different from what I've produced before. I think that they all coalesce nicely into this EP. 

I will be putting together a teaser in the next few days. I'm very excited for everyone to hear it. 

Keep your ears peeled!